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The Problem...

“I don’t know how my money is working for me”

If there is a downside to wealth it’s the time it takes to keep your assets working hard for you. Ironically, the more successful you become in life, the less time you may have to do this well. None of us want to go from pillar to post finding all our documentation, then taking the time to pore over them to calculate the state of our wealth.

When you spend valuable time with your financial adviser at Fraser Heath, you want to use that time planning what’s best for your future rather than wasting time and money, on the administration of your investments.

...The Solution

“I want to know what’s happening with my investments when it’s convenient to me”

Today, the process of managing your wealth can be simple. At Fraser Heath we use a tool called Wrap to deliver our Wealth Management Service which brings your investments together in one place. This sounds simple but it makes a profound difference. It’s the logical way to keep track of your investments and will save both you and your adviser time.

The Internet has changed our lives forever. Wrap is an online tool that enables us to work securely through the web to bring all your financial products such as ISAs, pensions and even savings accounts securely into one place. There, we can together review a complete picture of your portfolio, before deciding on the best plan for your future.

So what is our Wealth Management Solution?

It’s a simple and reliable way to have your pensions and investments collated and updated securely in one place – regardless of where you hold investments.

It’s a technology driven service that enables us to plan and execute changes to your portfolio with greater efficiency than ever before.

It means you will be able to see the complete picture of all your investments – helping us to focus on the most important thing - getting your future right.

Wouldn't it be great if you knew...

  • the total value of your investments today?
  • your current overall asset allocation?
  • your ideal overall asset allocation?
  • exactly how much tax you pay on your investments?
  • with confidence that your money is invested in the most tax efficient way?
  • the charges you pay on your investments?
  • a clear way of understanding your financial goals?
  • the total return from your investments over the last year?
  • how your investments are doing against your goals on an on-going basis?

...The Solution

Before you decide what’s best for you, it might be a good idea to take stock of your own circumstances.

Take a look at the examples below and see if any apply:

“I’d like to retire early and maximise my lifestyle”

“I want to be in the best position to meet my plans”

“We have family wealth we would like to manage”

“I’m retired and own my own home, I have savings that I’d like to protect, and would like to have some income revenue”

“I need to know where I stand with Inheritance Tax and planning how my money will be passed on”

“I’d like to stop working full time, but I’m not sure if I can afford to”

“I want discounts or rewards for having more assets with you”

One of the most important features of our Wealth Management Service is that it allows us to plan and implement advice simply and effectively. We are then able to work through the financial plan together to understand exactly how best your goals might be achieved and what’s right for you.

While working towards your goals there are two important things to remember. Investing carries risk, the value of investments can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you pay in.

Before joining our Wealth Management Service you will need to be aware of the risks and commitment involved which we will communicate to you clearly and honestly. This will be covered in our service agreement where we will both decide how we can best manage your finances on an ongoing basis. 

We have outlined above examples of situations where this excellent service can help make managing your wealth simpler. Of course the financial goals you set throughout your life will change regularly. But from day one we are able to help you meet life’s challenges with a flexible range of choices.

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