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Investment Portfolio Construction

Investment Process

Before we can make recommendations for the investment of a capital sum for a client, we need to follow two important steps to ensure that the recommendations that follow are entirely consistent with our client’s requirements. Firstly, we gather together as much information as possible about any existing investments that may already be in place plus a concise summary of our client’s current financial position and objectives for the future. Next we complete a straightforward Investment Risk Questionnaire, designed to ensure we can agree the most appropriate level of risk to be adopted within the investment portfolio recommendations that follow.

We offer several different approaches to investing and these are described, discussed fully and the most appropriate option agreed before we put together the recommendations. Once the portfolio is in place, we rely upon a regular system of review to check fund performance and to ensure that the strategy being adopted remains consistent with our client’s requirements. 

Behind the Scenes...

There are a myriad of investment options available to investors and one thing is very clear....there is no single fund manager or investment company that offers the best option to suit every sector, market or client situation. As fully independent investment advisers, Fraser Heath is well-placed to identify the best funds to suit our clients’ circumstances. We have an investment committee which sits on a monthly basis, or more frequently in the event of special activity, which monitors market conditions, canvasses views and opinions from fund managers and economists, and develops and monitors fund selection for the different approaches we adopt to managing client portfolios.

The minutes of our investment committee are published every month and the latest ones can be found here. Clients of Fraser Heath and their other professional advisers can also elect to receive these minutes by email every month if they prefer. This enables everyone to stay up-to-date with our thinking and to follow how markets are progressing. The minutes also include the valuable insight we receive from fund managers and others in the investment world, which helps shape our views on an ongoing basis.

The research that we do helps us to monitor portfolios and provide investment recommendations that take account of all factors influencing the markets and the wider economy.
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