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How we can help

How We Can Help

Divorce can be one of the most stressful periods of your life. Daily routines change, you suffer the loss of significant relationships and possessions, and you strive to seek a new identity as an individual. A financial planner can help you start to regain the control in your life by helping you plan your finances ahead for the future and to help increase the chances of arriving at a settlement that addresses your long-term financial needs.

Financial planners are experienced in helping clients plan for the future. We do this firstly by analysing your assets and debts, and your income and spending habits. By helping to organise your assets in an efficient manner appropriate to your attitude to risk we can project your cash flow long into the future.

This process is ideal for people suffering the devastating financial affect and uncertainty of divorce. We can work with you to understand and interpret how the divorce might change your lifestyle and factor this into the cash flow forecast.

It is occasionally the case that on divorce one party is inexperienced with finances and help is needed to inform and educate on personal finances. Where lifestyles have been supported by loans and credit cards, the impact on finances post divorce can need very careful planning and help to understand the impact on lifestyle.

We can help you to understand and fairly evaluate all of your assets. We can make suggestions on how the assets can be split in a manner that ensures the settlement offers you the fairest and most appropriate prospects for your future.

We can help you better understand the financial realities of your situation, create reasonable expectations, and help you feel secure with the fairness and adequacy of the outcome of your divorce. We can play a crucial role in guiding you toward rational decisions and successful negotiations.

We can contribute factually, but more importantly, holistically as well. We provide expert financial analysis and strategy but take care to tailor it within the legal framework. We perform our work in a way that enhances the decisions you make with your solicitor by making them more powerful and enabling you to plan ahead for your own future.
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