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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce

While a financial planner can help you both before and after your divorce, there is also a role for a financial planner to play if you decide to opt for a Collaborative divorce.

A Collaborative divorce is where both parties agree at outset to reach an amicable out of court settlement. This has advantages over the traditional route which can often be both acrimonious and expensive. Importantly, it also gives you control over how your assets are split rather than relying on the decision of a busy judge without the time to consider the intricacies of your specific requirements.

Working with your legal representatives you have the freedom to tailor a financial settlement that considers the needs of the whole family.

You and your spouse sit around a table with your solicitors to discuss solutions freely and openly. A Financial Planner with Resolution accredited Divorce Specialist status can also be involved in these meetings as a financial neutral. Working for both parties, the neutral can explain all financial issues, policies and implications to be sure that the settlement meets both of your requirements now and for the future. As the name suggests, the neutral would then remain neutral by withdrawing from the process when a settlement is agreed, referring you to another accredited Divorce Specialist Financial Planner to implement the recommendations.

Collaborative Law is not for everyone but if you want control and a bespoke solution then it could be right for you. For more details on collaborative law and for details of solicitors who are practiced in Collaborative Law, visit
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